How Is Oral Health Care Different during Pregnancy?

  • Posted on: Dec 15 2019
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When women are experiencing the joys of pregnancy, they have a lot to think about. While dental care is often on the back burner during this time, it is essential that women work with their dentist to ensure they have the proper care for their smile. Oral health care is different during pregnancy. Dr. Angela Abernathy and her team at Boutique Smiles of Manhattan is here to educate women on the ways in which their oral health impacts their pregnancy.

  • It is essential that women continue to see their dentist throughout their pregnancy for both oral examinations and for professional teeth cleaning. Women should notify their dentist that they are pregnant, as this may impact their ability to have x-rays done.
  • Women should pay close attention to the changes in their oral health and wellness. One common concern are “pregnancy tumors” that may appear on the gum tissues, typically around the second trimester. These areas of swelling and bleeding may be red and raw. In most cases, these non-cancerous growths will subside after the baby has been born, but women should still bring them to their dentist’s attention if they have concerns.
  • The changing hormones throughout pregnancy can impact different dental concerns, including periodontal disease, and women may have more difficulty keeping gum disease under control during this time. Women are welcome to ask their dentist about ways to brush better and discuss dental care solutions to keep their disease from progressing further.
  • Women who have gum disease during their pregnancy may also experience an increase of certain risks, including low birth weight babies or preterm delivery. This is due to the oral systemic connection. It is vital that women visit their dentist routinely during this time to minimize these risks.
  • Women should take prenatal vitamins throughout their pregnancy, and eat foods that are high in calcium and magnesium for their baby’s growth and development. Calcium can also help strengthen the natural teeth.

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