Non-surgical periodontal therapy for patients with gum disease using PerioProtect

istock 1001515804 1Infection of the mouth, known as periodontal disease, can negatively impact the appearance of the smile as well as its health. Periodontal disease, sometimes referred to as gum disease, is caused by bacteria that has resulted in an extensive infection of the soft tissues in the mouth. If left untreated, this condition can spread and worsen, putting all the elements of the mouth at risk—and even cause tooth loss! Treatment of periodontal disease may vary depending on the severity of the condition. Some patients may be more suitable for a more invasive procedure known as scaling and root planing, while other patients may be able to use our PerioProtect system to treat their disease at home.

What is PerioProtect?

PerioProtect is a specialized system for the treatment of gum disease. It is taken home by the patient and used each day, during which a treatment gel is administered into a tray and worn by the patient. This gets medicine such as antibiotics directly where it’s needed to calm inflammation and redness and effectively treat the infection. Our practice may recommend PerioProtect for patients who may not need more invasive procedures to address their condition. We welcome patients to ask about PerioProtect if they would like to treat their periodontal disease in the comfort of their own home with a non-surgical and non-invasive alternative to traditional scaling and root planing.

Why choose PerioProtect?

Many patients desire to use PerioProtect because it does not require painful or invasive surgery to treat their condition. Patients are evaluated at our practice to determine the stage at which their condition has reached and decide the patient’s candidacy for this or other gum disease treatment services at our facility.

Discuss your treatment with the team at Boutique Smiles of Manhattan

New York, NY area patients who are considering nonsurgical solutions for gum disease are welcome to ask our team of professionals about the benefits of PerioProtect therapy at home. We welcome patients who are concerned about the development of periodontal disease to call our office at (212) 262-2952 and visit our facility at 30 E 60th Street Suite 1101, Manhattan, New York 10022 for help with periodontal disease.

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