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Hello All! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far and staying cool. I’ve been in New York City about 3 years now and if I haven’t been able to do anything else, I’ve been able to find some good restaurants. Here is a highlight of a few of my favorites:

Corner Social

This is Harlem’s newest hot spot. It is situated on the corner of the Historic Lenox Ave and 126th St. It is ultra-cute and a great place to hang out with friends or for a casual date night. Late nights bring out the young and hip Harlem crowd complete with a great DJ. The bartenders are great and I appreciate their generosity 😉 One of my favorite appetizers on the menu is the cheeseburger spring roll…definitely try it out and let me know what you think.

Del Frisco’s

Being a steak fan I don’t know how I let this one get past me! I’m riding in a cab one day and their advertisement comes on. It had a very lively, chic feel to it so I decided to try it out. I WAS HOOKED!! Del Frisco’s is located on 49th St and 6th Ave across from Radio City Music Hall. This is a great place for after work drinks, dinner before Broadway or a very special date. I’ve been here several times and you really can’t go wrong. The VIP, which is this ah-mazing pineapple martini, is their signature drink. The Shanghai calamari and crab cakes are perfect starters and I personally like LOVE the bone in filet mignon! The sides are family style, but I personally was not crazy about the potato au gratin. I do highly recommend the sweet potatoes and the lobster mac and cheese…YUM!! If you have room for dessert, you MUST try the yellow cake…made fresh every morning and you will NOT finish it in one sitting!

Pio Pio

This is another repeat place for me. This is a great Peruvian spot with great service and wonderful food. They have several locations, so there should be one close to wherever you are. I usually get the camarones cuzco, which is a great rice and shrimp dish with a little kick. Now, if you go please hope and pray it’s nobody’s birthday, especially if you have a seizure disorder…they will blast their birthday song over the loud speaker and flash the lights very fast. This will definitely take you off guard your first time experiencing it LOL.

Amy Ruth’s

As I stated in my intro, I am from Alabama…born and bred! I am EXTREMELY particular about any type of Southern cuisine. Amy Ruth’s is one of the few places that gets it right all the time! Located on 116th St between Lenox and Adam Clayton Powell, their menu is filled with several combination dishes named after famous people in politics and entertainment. The chicken is perfectly fried and the waffles are wonderful. Even my own mother was taken back by the dumplings. The sweet tea is made exactly as it’s supposed to be made as well (those who know me know I’m anal about my sweet tea).

Bourbon Street

So my friends decided to come here for Fat Tuesday. It’s like you immediately stepped into a restaurant on the real Bourbon Street! And the food…Babeeyyy (in my Louisiana voice)!!!! Good LAWD the food hit the spot! I decided to come back on a “regular” day….the Hurricanes were still off the chain and you have to order the Cajun Jambalaya! If you are into that spicy-cajun-Louisiana thing, you CANNOT come to NYC and miss this place…’nuff said! It is located in Midtown on 46th St between 8th and 9th.

Famous Fish

This is my favorite hole in the wall in Harlem on 145th and St. Nicholas. And I’m not being mean…it is literally a hole in the wall. But don’t fret…it is clean and the fish is wonderful! By the way-the only fish is whiting. I used to hate whiting until I came here…they season it soooo good!! At any time you go there will be a line out the door. I recommend calling ahead so you don’t have to wait long. Here are the menu items:

All fish
All shrimp
Fish and chips
Shrimp and chips
Combo (fish, shrimp an chips)

That’s what you’re getting…and if you want, two slices of bread. Simple, yet delicious!!

This list is ever growing, but these are just a few of my favorites. I can’t frequent them quite as often as I like because of my weight loss journey. But, I’m definitely going to one of these on my next cheat night! Bon appétit!!

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