I really enjoyed my experience at Boutique Smiles of Manhattan. Dr. Abernathy and the entire team was very welcoming. I haven’t been at the dentist for some time (too long) and I really look forward to coming back frequently.

I had an excellent experience, and the staff is great.

Dr Abernathy is truly outstanding – the ideal balance between professionalism and humanity, kindness and competence. She is extremely skilled, trustworthy, and refreshingly empathetic. I recommend Dr Abernathy highly.

I have to say that my fear of dentist is the worst. I’ve had soooo many bad experieces with different dentist. So, when I found Dr. Abernathy online and saw she had nothing buy great reviews, I figure I would give her a try. Dr. Abernathy was AMAZZZIIIINNGG. Can I tell you she has change my life forever. Dr, Abernathy was so kind and gentle. I love the fact that she cares. Her staff is a reflection of her because they were amazing as well. Erica was so sweet and willing to do anything to make me comfortable. Lori did a deep cleaning on my teeth and she was wonderful as well. I look forward to going back to see them. I have a lot more work to do, but I have a 100% trust in Dr. Abernathy and her staff.

Such a great experience. Dr. Abernathy is the most thorough dentist I’ve ever been to. The staff was very informative and nice as could be. I will definitely use Dr. Abernathy as my primary dentist from now on.

Dr. Abernathy was able to do a filing right after my regular cleaning, so I didn’t have to make another appointment.

Service and technology are impressive.

This was the best dental visit that I had in my entire life!

I came to this office under the recommendation of my brother. He stated that it’s a small office but cozy and felt very comfortable and satisfied with his visit and staff. I couldn’t agree more! I love the level of comfort and professional with the doctor and staff. I highly recommend this place.

Very professional, very much on time. Access your needs and wants. Dr. Abernathy is very patient and understanding.


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